Thursday, September 11, 2008


Here is Natalia at home, behind the Cong Klak board, which is very similar to Mankala. David, you would like this game a lot.
Here's a picture of Natalia and I at the restaurant where we ate in Bandung with Grace's sister and family.
Here's one of the professional pictures taken of Natalia and I at the tiki hut place.
Here's a shot of Natalia and I in the rowboat also at the tiki hut place.
Here's Natalia and I eating in one of the tiki huts once we were done with pictures.
Here's one of the professional shots at the volcano. You can see the lake and the rim of the volcano in the background.
Here's another shot at the volcano, after it got all cloudy and misty.
Here's a cool shot I got of one of the marketplaces from the car on the way back from Bandung.
Here's a shot of a typical street scene in Bandung.
Here is a shot of one of the tea fields outside of Bandung.
Here's Aldo in front of a lake we stopped by on the way back from Bandung.Here's another shot of a village I got from the car on the way back from Bandung.


babanpapa said...

unbelievable shots, Adam. What wonderful professional shots! Beautiful, just lovely! If you don't have a backup career in writing, maybe you and Natalia can go into modeling..

Hello from the Nagels said...

Amazing, just amazing. Really Adam you are very witty - is that the kind of dialog that goes on in your head all the time...or does traveling half-way around the world bring it out of you?

Erin & The Boys said...

Oh my gosh, Adam! The rowboat picture is breathtaking! Love all of the pictures and storytelling. Any news about the earthquake and tsunami warning we hear about?

Ali said...

What up Guys!?! Everything sounds and looks amazing, I can't wait to read on =) I really like the animal noises in Indonesian (and I don't care what Mom says, you know she loved reading about your bowel movements).
I may not be able to check your blog for a little while, I'm "hunkered down" in Houston and could be out of electricity for a while!!! I don't know if you've been keeping up on news in the States but Houston is getting nailed by hurricane "Ike" in about 15 hours. All my malls closed down for the day and I am enjoying my declared "Hurricane 3-day Vacation" weekend! So far, it's been quite the experience. I stopped at 4 different gas stations last night and finally found one that still had premium gas. I then traveled onto the groshe (that is grocery in Amy and Ali, or AMAL Language) and struggled through the mad crowd only to find no bread, no flashlights, no batteries... crazy! I did manage to find a few bottles of red wine however =)
Natalia's family is in the mandatory evacuation zone, so you may what to give them a call and make sure they are safe.
I tried to call you, but I don't know if you have service over there? I thought you would be interested in the weather that I am going to get to experience. After all... you are the "Hippy Dippy Weather Man with the hippy, dippy weather, man".