Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Back home now! Still catching up on the blog

Hey All,

We got back home yesterday, and we are still catching up on the blog.

Yep, after Mom and Dad arrived we were busy from then on. We had the reception, which was amazing, then flew to Yogyakarta, Indonesia, where we visited several temples, including the Borobudur Temple, which is the largest Buddhist temple in the world. We then traveled to Bali, where we stayed at the Hyatt resort for five days. Let me tell you, it was rough, especially the constant pampering, delicious food, and countless fun things to do.

Of course, you know this means many more stories and pictures, which I haven't had a chance to post yet. Now that we are back home again in Indiana, I do believe I should have a chance to add new stories from the last part of our Honeymoon.

Stay tuned!

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babanpapa said...

Hey, Adam, your seven loyal followers are still anxiously waiting! (Me, too!) Mom